Easy PDF Generator FAQ

Is my personal information secure?

Yes it is, we use Amazon Web Service (AWS) and MongoDB Atlas, that provide you the highest grade of security

Is my data secure?

We take security very seriously in easypdfgenerator.com, for this reason we using UNIQUE URL to share files with you. This means that the only way to access the file you've uploaded and the one we have processed, is having that UNIQUE url. Also to increase security we will be deleting all the files that are 48h older, this mean that after 48 hours your file will be completely destroyed.

Is my data in a relialbe place?

The storage type we use in part of the AWS Suite, and is the S3. This allow our customer to have highly available data, fast access and amazon high quality security

How do you compress PDF?

We are using ghostscript that is a FREE software under the AGPL license, you can find the way has been used in our github account:Compress PDF