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We are a group of entrepreneurs whose goal is to add value to the lives of those that comes in contact with us.

Why Easy PDF Generator?

Easy PDF Generator was founded on the 15th July of 2020, when the world was in a lock-down due to the raging pandemic, conspiracy theory was bread and butter and everybody was just a bit crazy. In that apocalyptic scenario we realized it was just was the right time to do something for the community, as we were having tons of FREE time and everything was literally going into the oblivion Therefore why don't we build something to help each other?

In those days we've received tons of call from friends that they need help with PDF documents. From people mounting new business, or just applying for a new job the request were practically the same around the PDF file: How to split them, how to merge them, how can to add a password, and so on! We have felt kind of: "One PDF to rule them all, One PDF to find them, One PDF to bring them all from the darkness and bind them."

Why Easy PDF Generator is Freemium?

We do believe in support the community back and we offer the basic version for FREE, therefore anyone can enjoy and use it whenever is needed, at this stage we don't even think about a paid version, as we're able to afford the cost of hosting and development in-house.

Why I should use it?

There are few main reason why to use EASY PDF GENERATION PDF Suite:

  • All-in-one PDF solution
  • It's a FREEmium product
  • We don't SELL YOUR DATA
  • The data is automatically deleted after 48hr.
  • All your data is stored in AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • We use pre-signed URL generated by AWS using HMAC-SHA256

Can I request a new feature?

We encourage you to do that! Press the chat button and contact us leaving all the information and your email if you would like to be contacted back! (easypdfgenerator[at]gmail.com)