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How to add a background in PDF files online for FREE?

Adding a background to your PDF documents it's a 2 click process! Upload your document, upload the file that you want to use as a background... and job dobe! You have you PDF with background ready to use!

Why i would use a PDF background?

Do you still use a plain white background for your PDF? Kind of boring isn't it? Add your company logo, a nice texture, or a fine-touch class to convert your PDF in the best PDF in the world!

How can i add a colored PDF background?

With the basic service, it's BYO background, nevertheless, you can read our guide on how to create amazing background for your PDF. Stay connected it will arrive soon!

Can I use a transparent background?

Of course you can! Easy PDF Generator allow you to bring your own background and to attach it to any PDF documents you want! Therefore you want a PDF with transparent background? You just need to create one!

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