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What's PDF Export Image?

PDF Export Image or PDF exporting images allows to retrieve all the images stored into a Portable Document Format (PDF) and be saved or re-used in another location

Why PDF Export Image?

There are various use case where you want to export your PDF image, an example is to re-use one of the infographic in one email, or to re-use one of the image (e.g. the logo) for your website in case you are doing a case-studies

How to export images from a PDF?

Exporting images from a PDF is a single step process, you provide the PDF document with the images you want to detach, upload it to the cloud, and wait for us to process your request! As soon as we're done you will have all your images detached and ready to be used

Where all my exported files are stored?

All the images extracted from the PDF are temporary stored in the cloud, you will get a UNIQUE and SECURE link that allows you to download it for the next few hours