How to Split Sheets Pdf Online for Free

In this guide i will show you how easy is to split a pdf into multiple page, online and fore free!
by EasyPDFGenerator Created: 21-08-2020

If you want just to split a pdf, follow this link: Split a PDF Online for Free


Sometimes few file formats such as Excel, Word, PPT files are quite difficult to edit, split or merge. PDF file is also among those file formats which is also a bit difficult to split. Though the PDF files don not have the features to edit, split and merge easily, sometimes we these changes are required for various purposes.

For instance, we may require extracting a part of a PDF file which means splitting the pages of PDF file is required. So, now you may be thinking how am I going to split PDF! Can I do it with software or can I use a free online tool to split the PDF files?

Yes there are plenty of options out there for you to split a PDF. You can easily edit and manage a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat DC software. This software is made for playing with PDF files easily. But unfortunately, this software is not for free and also a non-tech guy may find it difficult to use.

Why You Should Split A PDF Sheets Into Multiple Files?

The main benefit of splitting PDF files is that it increases the level of security by not allowing others to access the information of the PDF file. Sometimes splitting PDF is required to break a large PDF file into parts to send via email or other social platforms.

How to split a PDF sheets using Easy PDF Generator?

Spliting a PDF file has never been this easy it is just a matter of three simple clicks. Yes you read it right, with just three clicks you can split a PDF and that is also absolutely free. Below are the steps. First of all go to the website by typing on your browser and follow the instructions:

All you need to do is click the Split PDF icon.
When the cursor is hover the icon, the background will change, if you click you will be ready to upload a file
After you selected the file, you need to confirm the upload pressing "Submit the file"
Let us take care of the uploading process
Upload has started, sit tight and relax!
The upload has been successful, we are processing your files.
Download the files

That’s all!! Your PDF Split is done without any hassle. From plethora of online tools and software we’ve picked this online tool because it is easy, smooth, and free of cost.

How to split a PDF file using linux CLI?

If you want to split a pdf file using the CLI on your linux terminal you should use the poppler utilty

First thing you need to do is installing the poppler-utils, for doing that you need to:

yum install poppler-utils

In the case you are using a ubuntu-like distribution you need to use apt-get

apt-get install poppler-utils

After you have installed just use this simple command:

pdfseparate yourfilename.pdf page-%d.pdf 

How to split a PDF file using Mac CLI?

For the mac OSx procedure, is pretty similar to the linux one, nevertheless, we need to install the poppler utility

brew install poppler

and now you are ready for run the most basic command to split the pdf

pdfseparate yourfilename.pdf page-%d.pdf 
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