How to Add Password to PDF Online for Free

In this guide i will show you how easy is to add password to pdf file / document, online and fore free!
by EasyPDFGenerator Created: 08-09-2020

If you want just to add password to pdf, follow this link: Add Password to PDF file Online for Free


If you’re looking to add a password to your PDF file, all you need is to use Easy PDF Generator right now. This is the ultimate solution to help protect your file’s sensitive data today. It’s a very impressive, easy to use solution that brings in front better PDF security for any PDF file. Upload your file, add a password to it and then you can share it with anyone you want, knowing only they can open the file and see its content. It’s the best way to prevent any data breaches, and the entire service is free of charge too. Try it out today!

Why You Should Add a Password to Your PDF document?

The main benefit of having a PDF document protected is the ability to share it with trusted people making sure that no-body else will be able to read it!

Let's face it in today's world, sensitive/private information are the new digital currency! If your competitor can have it, they will use it against you, therefore you should do your best to protect them and make it safe and secure. Imagine if a third-party malicious user obtain your PDF? He will be able to alter it and cause harm to your brand and image or maybe ruin you the one billion contract you were about to sign!

How to add password using Easy PDF Generator?

First of all go to the website by typing therefore you can see all the suite of tools that we can offer, then click on the "add password to pdf" page Add Password to Pdf Document / File .

You almost completed your task, the only step remaining are to upload the pdf document and insert the password you chose for it. We strongly suggest to use very long password and use a mix of UPPERCASE/lowercase, number and special character!

That’s all!! We wanted to make your experience as simple as possible, so you never have to worry about any issues. It’s a seamless, unique experience that will help push things to the next level.

What is a good password to be used in pdf document?

I would suggest to follow the same guideline that you MUST use for any password:

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